Hungary publishes White Paper on National Data Policy |
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Η επίσημη πύλη ευρωπαϊκών δεδομένων

Hungary publishes White Paper on National Data Policy

Hungary takes important step on its Open Data journey

In order to boost the national data economy, Hungary has taken a major step to move forward with Open Data.

At the end of December 2016, the Hungarian government adopted and published a White Paper on Hungary's National Data Policy (or in Hungarian) to form the basis of the Government's uniform data policy that would facilitate the re-use of public sector data. The White Paper is part of Government Decree No. 1310/2015 (V. 21) on measures required for the broad-scale re-use of public sector data.

The White Paper proposes a set of specific measures to create a well-functioning data ecosystem, such as:

  1. Establish a national data policy in addition to transposing EU Directives.
  2. Set up and make available a nationwide data cadastre in order to assess Hungary's national data assets via a yet-to-be-defined national data portal, allowing for the dissemination of open public sector data.
  3. Enhance awareness and knowledge relating to data and its significance and organise research and education to ensure the broad-scale proliferation of basic knowledge.
  4. Establish essential data legislation, standards, methodological recommendations and technological toolkits that are currently missing.
  5. Incentivise and facilitate the establishment of Hungary's data industry.

The next step will be the approval and implementation of an action plan that defines responsible parties and specifies deadlines. In order for these data policy measures to have the desired effect, these measures will have to be incorporated into various sectorial strategies and policy programmes.

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