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Putting Cloud, API and data together

Project SDI4APPS aims at building a cloud-based framework with an open API for data integration

The SDI4APPS project is implemented as part of the framework of the EU ICT Policy Support Programme, Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (ICT CIP). The project builds a cloud-based framework with an open API (Application Programme Interface) for data integration. This will help to connect the top-down managed world of European spatial data infrastructures, like INSPIRE, Copernicus and GEOSS, with the bottom-up mobile world of voluntary initiatives and thousands of micro SMEs and individuals developing applications. More information about the SDI4APPS project can be found following the link below.

The University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic is managing the project, while the implementation is done by 18 organisations across Europe. As part of the implementation, the consortium is organising an event on the 14-15 July in cooperation with the University of Patras, Greece. The goal of the event is for Open Data experts and enthusiasts to meet, share ideas and create mobile applications based on the available data sets. More information on this event, the Medhackathon, can be found here.

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