Release of DCAT - Application Profile final version 1.2 |
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Release of DCAT - Application Profile final version 1.2

Thank you for your participation in the public review of DCAT-AP

The updated version of DCAT-AP (1.2) is now available on the community space Joinup. This new version implements minor change requests to the DCAT-AP (1.1) that were submitted to the ISA2 Programme of the European Commission in line with the Change and Release Management Policy for DCAT-AP.

The changes implemented in DCAT-AP (1.2) are related to comments submitted by stakeholders on from Github, including:

  1. Changed cardinality for the Licence Document class - Licence type property has changed so it can be repeated if multiple licence types apply to a licence document.
  2. UML schema updated - With all the cardinalities described in the specification documentation for easier access to information.
  3. Editorial fix - On page 26 of the DCAT-AP (1.2) there is a published documentation where Licence Document property was represented as a mandatory property instead of a recommended property.

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