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The Sharing and Reuse award

Can your IT solution for public administrations be reused?

Throughout Europe, public administrations have developed IT solutions and services for the needs of their organisation. As many of these organisations in Europe have comparable activities, the solutions developed could often be easily reused by other public administrations. By sharing and reusing existing and successful software solutions in Europe, public administrations can learn from one another and avoid reinventing the wheel. This would not only help save time and costs for users and administrations alike but also improve interoperability between systems.

To promote the visibility of existing solutions and encourage their reuse, the European Commission has launched the "Sharing and Reuse award". Winners of this competition will receive a prize of EUR 15,000 and EUR 10,000 respectively for IT solutions and services that meet the criteria in one of the four categories:

  • Cross-border administrations
  • National administrations
  • Regional administrations
  • Local administrations

The solutions have to be developed by or for public administrations. When developed by a private entity on behalf of a public body, the reward will go to the public body concerned. Successful and reusable IT solutions can be registered until 28 October 2016 after which the winning entries will be announced in March 2017. Can your IT solution for the public administration be shared and reused and you want to participate? Read more about the competition by following the link below

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