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Urban data space

Urban Open Data as central instruments for city development

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the three Fraunhofer institutes FOKUS, IAIS and IML have prepared the study Vorstudie - Datenaustausch und Zusammenarbeit im urbanen Raum that analyses availability, accessibility and quality of open urban data in selected German municipalities and its future usability. The study also examines regulations on data protection, existing use cases and possible stakeholders.

Last Friday, Smart City experts and enthusiasts, government representatives and research institutions discussed the results of the study as well as recommendations for the implementation of urban data rooms at a discussion panel in Berlin. The aim is to allow urban resources such as roads, water, electricity and medical care to be managed in a more efficient and sustainable manner. At the same time, residents should benefit from better information and participation services that will make their life in the city easier.

Read more about the research project urban data spaces or about Open Data and cities.

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