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We Connect Data' and 'Casius Bvba' win €20,000

Winners announced of Flemish Open Data competition

While the Netherlands launches an Open Data award, in another country Open Data winners are announced. This competition took place in Flanders (Belgium) and went looking for the most innovative Open Data application. With this award, the Flemish government wants to support companies and start-ups in the creation of new and innovative applications using Open Data. The winners received a price of €20,000 and were showcased during the 'Trefdag van Informatie Vlaanderen' event in June.

'We Connect Data' won the competition with the project GoOV. With this project they want to help people with a mental handicap or cognitive disease to travel independently on public transport. By combining Open Data, location data and travel information they inform the traveller when to press the stop button or get out of the bus. The other winner, Cassisus BvBA, was awarded for their real estate project 'OpenDataHome' in which home owners are helped to make their home more sustainable.

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