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Doctena: Booking appointments with health specialists

Doctena is an application and a website, which are used to book appointments with health specialists

Doctena is a rapidly growing company that originated from Luxembourg with an application and website that connect patients and doctors across Europe. Patients can use Doctena to book appointments with health specialists, such as medical doctors, dentists, and physiotherapists. Geographical and (anonymised) medical data is used to connect patients with the right health professional. For example, patients can book an appointment with a health specialist based on their geographical location, language, and the displayed waiting times. The user satisfaction for the service is high, as 96% of the users would recommend Doctena to others and 1,400,000 appointments are booked through the system per month. Patients experience less waiting time and more flexibility to schedule an appointment 24/7.

Doctors and medical practices can register for the paid service Doctena Pro. The advantages of the subscription are that doctors have more time for their patients and relieve their teams from some administrative duties thanks to sharing of data on doctors’ medical expertise, waiting times, geographical location or language ability.

Doctena uses data on doctors and practices calendars that they have made open, both for client purposes and to set up and improve collaboration with multiple parties across different sectors. 

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