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  • A solution to reopen Europe

    In this data story, we look back on the developments that led to the establishment of the Digital Covid Certificate, and on how sharing of minimal data allowed us to regain freedom of movement.

    How did COVID-19 impact freedom of movement?

    Freedom of movement and residence for persons is one of the cornerstones of European Union citizenship, established by the Treaty of… more

  • Showcasing European water info applications

    This summer, severe floods have affected several European countries

    In early July, several countries in Europe have witnessed severe floods, causing serious damage. Multiple river basins in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, for which is common practice to store water and control the risk of floods, overflowed.  Water poured out onto roads, villages, and cities.… more

  • A Data Story by the team

    The European Union has placed its efforts to respond to COVID-19 pandemic, and vaccines deliveries to EU countries have increased steadily and vaccination is gathering pace. According to last updated data from 5 July 2021, 62.7% of the EU adult population received at least one dose, with 481.6 million doses delivered in the EU. 


  • This is the sixth and final piece in a series about the “Sus-tainability of (Open) Data Portal Infrastructures” reports. In this highlight, the focus is on “A Distributed Version Control Approach to Creating Portals for Reuse”

    Since the summer of 2020, the European Data Portal (EDP) team has been summarising the six reports included in the “Sustainability of (Open) Data Portal Infrastructure” as featured highlights. This particular report will focus on the sixth report “A Distributed Version Control Approach to Creating Portals for Re-use”.

    This report was prepared by… more

  • The European Data Portal’s 20th analytical report helps open data enthusiasts leverage the potential of Copernicus data for earth observation applications

    The European Data Portal (EDP) has published their 20th analytical report: “Copernicus Data for the open data community”. The report is prepared by con terra and aims to help open data enthusiasts exploit the potential of Copernicus data for earth observation… more

  • Multiple events around the world celebrate the 11th Open Data Day

    Open Data Day 2021

    On 6 March 2021, the international data community celebrated the 11th anniversary of Open Data Day. Open Data Day is an annual international event where data enthusiasts gather to connect and build new solutions to complex social issues by using open data. The event aims to show the benefits of open data such as increased efficiency, transparency, a spur in innovation, and economic growth. Moreover, the event… more

  • EDP and ODP become one – the single access point for open data from Europe and its Member States.

    Soon, the European Data Portal will join forces with the European Open Data Portal (ODP) to become the single access point for open data from Europe and its Member States.

    Under the name, the project will continue on its mission to support European countries in increasing their open data maturity, publishing open data, and promoting awareness of open data’s potential for re-use.

    To better… more

  • Discover open data and data sharing initiatives and examples from Europe and beyond!

    The European Data Portal (EDP) is collaborating with the Support Centre for Data Sharing (SCDS) in organising a series of sessions held every fortnight titled Data Talks. The sessions are created to learn more about open data and data sharing. In every session, an expert in the open data and data sharing space is invited to share their experience and expertise on a… more

  • The European Data Portal’s 19th analytical report pro-vides a detailed analysis of the relationship between supply and demand of datasets on the EDP

    EDP publishes 19th analytical report

    The European Data Portal (EDP) just published the 19th analytical report: “Understanding supply and demand on the European Data Portal”. The report is prepared by the University of Southampton and provides a detailed analysis of the relationship between supply and… more

  • Responses from the Member States on how to model the European Strategy for Data

    The Data Governance Act

    On 25 November 2020, The European Commission published the Data Governance Act (DGA) in response to the public consultation on the European Strategy for Data. The consultation served as… more