Newsletter - April 2024 |
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Newsletter - April 2024

Newsletter - April 2024
The official portal for European Data

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Workshop 'How to use open data for your research'

Eager to become a data-driven researcher? Explore the fascinating world of open data and how it can enhance your research skills. Initially designed for students and academics, you are welcome to join and learn how to use open data from to drive knowledge and innovation. Join us on 24 May from 10:00 to 11:30 CET and revisit our first workshop.


Date 24/05/2024
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Open data to understand rural development in the European Union

Are you curious about how the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) drives EU agriculture and rural development? Learn how CAP objectives support economic sustainability, environmental stewardship, and rural growth. Delve into our data story to understand open data's role in shaping agricultural policy and rural communities.


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Unveiling the impact of open data: Insights from the Use Case Observatory

The second volume of the Use Case Observatory is out! Learn about impactful findings of this comprehensive research project by Explore how open data drives economic, governmental, social, and environmental progress across Europe, with insights from selected re-use cases. Essential reading for understanding open data's potential impact.


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News and highlights
A decade on: The evolution of open data maturity in Europe

Celebrate with us the 10th anniversary of the Open Data Maturity (ODM) assessment, showcasing Europe's progress in open data. With evolving dimensions and a focus on impact, this news piece highlights achievements, challenges, and the evolving landscape of the ODM, preparing for future advancements.

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Striking a balance: Open data and privacy in the digital era

Balancing open data accessibility with privacy protection is crucial in today's digital landscape. Learn about data protection techniques and the pivotal regulations like GDPR that have been implemented to facilitate the use of open data for societal good while upholding individual privacy.

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The Interoperable Europe Act decoded: Implications and impact on EU's digital future

Learn more about the Interoperable Europe Act, which connects digital public administrations across the EU. By sharing solutions and improving services, open data will benefit from enhanced interoperability, enabling easier access to and sharing of public sector data across borders, facilitating the creation of a Common European Data Space.

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