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Il-portal uffiċjali għad-data Ewropea newsletter - September 2022

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Take part in the finals of EU Datathon 2022

Save the date and join us at the EU Datathon 2022 on 20 October 2022, the annual open data competition organised by the Publications Office of European Union.

The 12 finalist teams will compete for the prize and the Public Choice Award on four challenges:

  • Challenge 1: ‘The European Green Deal’
  • Challenge 2: ‘Transparency in public procurement’
  • Challenge 3: ‘EU public procurement opportunities for young people’
  • Challenge 4: ‘A Europe fit for the digital age’

The winning teams will take home prize money totalling EUR 200 000.

Book your place now!

For more detailed information, visit the EU Datathon website.

Take our survey

We would like to know what you think of Give us your opinion by taking our survey.

Inspiring stories about the use of linked open data

Read and follow our new series of data stories and discover what linked (open) data are and what can be done with them in practice. The first three data stories in the series are:

  1. Linking data: what does it mean?’ – defines linked (open) data, introduces the four principles of linked data, and shares how it enables the ‘Web of Data’.
  2. Linking data: EU vocabularies’ – introduces you to linked open reference data and its benefits.
  3. Linking data: European Science Vocabulary – introduces what it is and how, and why it uses linked open data.

Interested in linked data? To learn about the basics of linked open data, watch the “Elodie” (LOD) video series.

Data.europa webinar series for data providers

The team launched a training package to help data providers to open their data and understand the benefits of doing so. The package contains a series of webinars. It starts with the basics of open data and continues with technical, legal and practical information as well as inspirational use cases of open data use.

On Friday, 16 September, the first webinar ‘ - the official portal for European data’ took place.

This webinar showed what the portal can offer you. A recap and recording of the webinar are available in our news piece.

The second webinar ‘Understanding open data: technical openness’ will take place in October. Do not miss it, and register now!

Interested to learn more about the webinars for data providers offered by the data.europa academy? Go to the ´Learning corner for data providers`.

Open data to achieve the EU green transition

Since the start of 2020, Europe has faced several economic, social and political difficulties that have impacted, for example, the availability and prices of energy and food. These events have motivated the EU to accelerate the transition towards a green and digital Europe.

To achieve a fair green and digital transition across Europe, data play a crucial role. Find out what role data exactly play by reading our data story.

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